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About UTL Online Solar PCU

UTL online solar PCU (power conditioning unit) is an intermediate device that has the ability to create an electrical firewall between the incoming utility power and our sensitive electronic equipment/appliances. It deals with both solar power (primary) and the grid power (secondary), to charge the batteries and stabilize the output. UTL solar online PCUs are the most reliable solar product for those who want to protect their data/sensitive electrical appliances from sudden power-cuts, short-circuit, or unstable voltage. The company provides its online PCUs in three various models named as, “Alfa+, Mars, and Star”.

These online PCUs take no time to ensure 100% uninterrupted power supply to all the applications when there is fluctuation in power voltage. UTL solar online PCU’s unique designs and non-comparative features make them suitable to be used in homes, offices, commercial and industrial sectors. These online inverters are available in a wide range from 5kVA to 120KVA online PCU.

Alfa+ Solar Online PCU

UTL Alfa+ online PCU is one of the best Solar PCU for an uninterruptible power supply. It is a single-phase, small size and single card-based solar PCU with double-conversion technology. To eliminate all power disturbances from the main supply, UTL solar has used the double conversion principle in it.

Alfa+ online series is highly efficient solar PCUs that comprise a rectifier, an auto float cum boost charger, battery-backed inverter, and short-circuit protection along with a high degree of input to output isolation. UTL’s Alfa+ online solar PCU’s amplification stage has IGBT technology for pure sine wave output.

Star Online Solar PCU

UTL Star online PCU is a reliable solar PCU, specially designed for heavy loads. It is the highest capacity online solar PCU with up to 30% more efficiency for better experience. It is a 3 phase PCU with multiple working modes for uninterrupted and continuous power supply.

Star online solar PCU has advanced DSP based design for pure sine wave output. It provides protection against short circuits, input under/over voltage, power failure and provides stable voltage in all input circumstances. It has an ethernet-based monitoring system for better performance and understanding.

Unique Features

UTL online solar PCUs have many great features in them. We have listed some of its major features below. Have a look below to learn about its features.

  • Highly efficient MPPT solar charge controller.
  • Short circuit, input under/over-voltage protection.
  • Advance DSP based design pure sine wave.
  • Maximum preference to solar power.
  • Available in single and three phases.
  • User-configurable parameters.
  • Lightning, surge protection by SPD.
  • Ethernet-based monitoring.
  • Robust design with 20 years of product life.
  • Intelligent charge sharing.