Lithium 100AH 48Volt Battery Energy Storage System

/Lithium 100AH 48Volt Battery Energy Storage System
Lithium 100AH 48Volt Battery Energy Storage System



• Greater capacity supply equipment cabinet
• No active cooling system is required.
• High operational reliability
• Life of more than 6 years at temperatures below+ 25 °C.
• Optimizing management Application:
Communication Base Station, Data Center, Communication Outdoor Cabinet, Solar Hybrid Power System, Home Energy Storage System.


Product model 48100
Battery model C20/25Ah/3.2V
Battery specificatiion 16S4P/48V/100Ah
Nominal voltage 51.2V
Nominal capacity 100Ah
Charging voltage 58.4V
Charging current 0.5C
Discharge current 1C
Instantaneous discharge current 3C
Discharge cut-off voltage 44.8V
Internal resistance of finished products <100mΩ
Battery Weight 72.3 KG
Product Size 410*442 (482) *221mm (Max)
Charging Temperature -0 ~45°C
Discharge Temperature -20 ~55 °C
Storage Temperature -20 ~45 °C
Lithium battery protection Short circuit protection, overcharge
protection, over discharge
protection, over current protection,
balance with RS485 and RS232
communication interface.