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About UTL Solar

UTL solar is one of the best solar brands and manufacturer of all types of solar products such as solar panel, solar inverter, solar battery, solar charge controller, etc. UTL is the one and only brand who provide the complete range of solar solution under one roof. Its solar solution range includes an on grid solar system, off grid solar system, and hybrid solar system for homes, businesses, schools, and industries.

UTL offers a wide range of quality solar products and the fastest after-sale service through its strong network in India. UTL is passionately committed to bringing the latest technology solar solutions to customers at economic price.

UTL has strong basic pillars with 4 manufacturing units, 1000+ dealers, distributors, stockiest, and service centers in India. When it comes to innovation of new solar technologies, UTL has always been considered as a leader and modernizer in the solar market.

Apart from its dominant position in the domestic, residential, commercial, and industrial solar markets, UTL has established a strong position in inverter-battery and online UPS markets. After establishing a “legacy of trust” as a manufacturer of inverter-battery, UTL entered the solar market and established a strong presence in India and globally.

UTL Solar Panel

A solar panel is the base of a solar system and UTL solar is one of the top manufacturer of quality solar panels. UTL manufactures extreme quality polycrystalline solar panel at very reasonable and affordable prices. The company offers a range of solar panels between 40 watt to 330 watt capacity to fulfill the requirement of the customers. These solar panels are designed very carefully by solar experts with high-quality materials. And therefore the company provides 25 year performance warranty for their solar panels.

UTL Solar Inverter

Solar inverter is like “Heart of a Solar System”. Its basic work is to convert DC power into AC power and to prevent solar battery as well as other appliances. After some deep analysis, UTL presents its wide range of solar inverters. The efficiency level of UTL solar inverters is around 95%. UTL design solar inverter to provide us maximum power. The company manufactures its solar inverters in three different types.

These solar inverter cum PCUs are available in various capacities from 300kVA to 10kVA with inbuilt charge controllers. UTL solar inverters are best suitable for all types of solar panels. So if you are looking for a reliable and such an inverter who fits in your budget then we recommend you to go for UTL solar inverter. These inverters are specifically designed for residential and commercial purposes.

UTL Solar Battery

UTL solar batteries are specially designed C10 rated lead-acid batteries for solar as well as other applications. UTL solar batteries contains high quality tall tubular polypropylene containers that provide complete protection from high heat and are also optimized for high-capacity power use. The solar battery will store power in it during sunny hours and provide it when a backup is required. UTL solar batteries are maintenance-free however, they need to be topped up with water once in 3 to 6 months. Also, they are easily adjustable whether it is an off grid solar system or a hybrid solar system. UTL solar batteries are available from 40 Ah to 150 Ah capacities.

On Grid Solar System

UTL solar on grid solar system is complete solar COMBO with solar panel, solar inverter, solar battery, structure, wires, nut-bolts and complete accessories.

On grid solar system is a system that connects with the utility grid. In on grid solar system, there is no need for solar batteries. Mostly, on grid solar systems are used where heavy electricity bills on regular basis is a major problem. An on grid solar system comes with net-metering facility that helps to reduce our electricity bills.

Off Grid Solar System

An off grid solar system is also known as Stand-Alone System. It’s basically a composition of solar panel, solar battery, off grid solar inverter and other solar accessories.

Off-grid solar system generate power independently and contains solar batteries. In case, solar panels are generating more energy than your consumption than you can store extra power in these solar batteries. The solar system typically consists of a balance of solar panels, solar batteries, solar charge controllers, grid boxes, solar inverter, and mounting structures.

Hybrid Solar System

A Hybrid solar system is basically a composition of On-grid and off grid solar system. It allow users to store the power in batteries and surplus electricity export to the grid.

UTL Online Solar PCU

Online UTL Solar PCU range is available from 20kVA to 120kVA. These online solar PCU are mostly used in Banks, Hospitals, Industries and where peoples want uninterpreted power supply with zero changeover time.

Solar Charge Controller

The solar charge controller is an electronic device that connects solar panels with your existing inverter battery and helps prevent them from overcharging during the daytime. And SMU is a hybrid version charge controller that converts an existing normal inverter-batteries into a solar inverter.

Solar charge controllers are used in existing or non-solar inverter batteries. It is not required in a complete solar system.