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Microtek Solar – A MASTER IN SOLAR FIELD: Microtek solar is country’s largest solar power products manufacturer having products like solar panel, solar inverter, solar UPS, solar battery and hybrid UPS. Microtek has set up state-of-the-art automatic manufacturing plants equipped with hi-tech machines. Manufacturing machines are SMT, ICT and automatic assembly lines for solar panels and solar inverters in India.

Microtek Solar has set up modern in-house comprehensive R&D, comprising a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals for continuous innovation in solar technology. The R&D is fully equipped with latest design software’s, development hardware’s with testing and field condition simulation equipments for solar.

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Microtek Solar Inverter Price

Microtek design solar inverter to provide maximum power to us. The efficiency level of Microtek solar inverters are around 95%. Microtek manufactures solar inverter in two technology:

On grid solar inverter
Hybrid solar inverter

Note: There are two models of solar panel in the market. To know more more about them,

Click here: (1) Monocrystalline solar panel

(2) Polycrystalline solar panel

Benefits of Microtek Solar Panel

10 years warranty for 90% efficiency.
25 years warranty for 80% efficiency.
Eligible for 30% to 70% MNRE Subsidy.
Optimum & higher efficiency up to 97%.
High sun-light absorption capacity.
High resistance for snow & wind pressure.

Features of Microtek Solar Panel

High class power conversion efficiency.
Anti reflective module coating with BSF.
Optic, electrically & mechanically tested.
Advance EVA encapsulation Modules.
Strong Heavy-duty Aluminum frame.
IEC & MNRE India Approved/Certified.

Microtek Solar System Price

Microtek solar off grid system is complete solar COMBO with solar panel, solar inverter, solar battery, solar panel structure, wires, nut-bolts and complete accessories to run your basic load of home, business, school etc.

You can see the working, area required, recommended load, back-up time and complete products detail of this solar system here. Off Grid Solar System