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About UTL Solar Inverter

UTL solar is the most preferred solar inverter brand and leading manufacturer and exporter of Solar PCU, Solar Inverter, and Online Solar PCU in India. These inverters are widely used in the home, offices, commercial, and industrial sectors. There are different types of solar inverters with UTL brand and the range starts from 1kVA to 120kVA.

This is the only brand in India, which has 10+ solar inverter models and 100+ capacities with different features and customization options. Along with high-quality solar panels and solar batteries, UTL manufactures highly efficient solar inverters, Solar PCU, and Online Solar PCUs. Its solar inverters are extremely popular among solar installers and solar companies. UTL offers a wide range of solar inverters to its customers so as to fulfill their needs accordingly.

Types of UTL Solar Inverter

UTL manufactures and deals with various types of solar inverter and solar PCUs. Basically, there are three types of solar systems i.e. off grid solar system, on grid solar system & hybrid solar system and UTL manufacturers all types of solar inverters for all types of solar solutions. So if you are thinking or planning to buy a solar inverter then have a look below to know about different types of UTL solar inverter.

  • Off Grid Solar Inverter
    • Heliac (850-3500VA)
    • Shamsi (675-1475VA)
    • Gamma+ (1kVA 12-24 Volt)
    • Gamma PCU (2-5kVA)
    • Alfa+ PCU (1-15kVA 1P)
  • Online Solar PCU
    • Alfa Online PCU (5-10kVA 1P)
    • Mars Online PCU (5-20kVA 3P)
    • Star Online PCU (20-120kVA 3P)
  • On Grid Solar Inverter (String Solar)
  • Hybrid Solar Inverter (Sigma+ PCU)

Complete details regarding all above mentioned solar inverters with their latest price and specifications are mentioned below.

Off Grid Solar Inverters

Off grid solar inverters are such inverters that work efficiently with solar panels and solar batteries. UTL’s off grid solar inverters don’t require grid power to work. They prevent both your appliances as well as your solar panel and solar battery. However, choosing the best off grid solar inverter is not easy because off grid solar systems are more complicated than common grid-connected solar systems. Let’s have a look over various types of off grid solar inverter by UTL Solar.  

Heliac Solar Inverter

UTL’s Heliac home solar PCU is one of the best solar inverters for homes or small size solar systems. It is a cost effective PCU that is compatible with SMF, gel, and tubular batteries. UTL offers a wide range of Heliac solar PCU available from 850VA to 3500VA so as the consumers can choose according to their needs. These solar PCUs have awesome features in them. Its features along with latest prices are mentioned below.

Shamsi Solar Home Inverter

If we talk about top home solar PCUs, then UTL’s Shamsi series is one of them. It is an ISO 9001 certified solar product for better reliability and extreme performance. Shamsi home solar PCUs are available at nominal prices and have great features. If it comes to its models then these home solar PCUs are available from 675VA to 1475Va capacity.

Features of UTL Shamsi Solar Inverter

Shamsi solar Inverter has been designed and manufactured with many great features:

  • Modified sine wave output.
  • Built-in IT mode.
  • Easy Installation & low maintenance.
  • Best regulated output.
  • Battery charging with multi-stage feature.
  • Protections: RBP, RSPV, OVL, BL, OBC, SC, IHV & ILV.
  • Inbuilt PWM solar charge controller.
  • Can operate even without solar.
  • LED display for multiple operations & faults.

Gamma+ MPPT Solar Inverter

UTL Gamma+ solar inverter is the top-rated model for those who want to turn their home into a solar home. The company designed and manufactured it with a high-efficiency inbuilt MPPT solar charge controller. This small home solar PCU is able to extract maximum energy out of solar panels. This PCU is a single model PCU that is available in 12V and 24V power ratings.

Features of UTL Solar’s Gamma+ Home PCU
  • MPPT charge controller based design.
  • Pure sine wave with 100% tracking of solar panel.
  • Multi-colour LCD display for better understanding..
  • Frequency Available – 50Hz & 60Hz
  • Multi charging stage (Bulk, Absorption & Float)
  • Solar priority for load & battery charging.
  • Preference to solar power over grid power.
  • Protections : RBP, RSPV, OVL, BL, OBC, SC, IHV & ILV.
  • Compatible with DG as an input source.
  • Also compatible with IT load
  • Compatible with all types of batteries.

Gamma Solar PCU

Gamma solar off grid inverter/PCU is one of the best solar inverters with 1Ph in 1Ph out facility. It’s DSP based unique design makes it different from other models of UTL solar inverters. Rather than its unique design, it has many specific features in it such as the most advanced LCD, inbuilt MPPT solar charge controller.

The Gamma Off Grid PCU by UTL solar is one of the top inverters that can easily fulfill the needs of customers. The manufacturers offer various models of Gamma PCU like Gamma PCU 2kVA/48V, Gamma PCU 3kVA/48V, Gamma PCU 5kVA/96V, etc. to make it fit for various applications.

Features of UTL Gamma Solar PCU

There are many great features and specifications in Gamma solar PCU. However, some of them are as mentioned below.

  • USB/Ethernet-based monitoring for a better experience.
  • Extreme LCD features with AC and DC energy meters.
  • Inbuilt MPPT solar charge controller for maximum output.
  • Suitable for extreme temperatures between 0°C-50°C.
  • Highly efficient solar PCU with an 85% to 88% efficiency rate.
  • Output Waveform = Pure Sine Wave
  • Suitable for all types of solar panel.
  • Comes with DSP based unique design.

UTL Alfa+ Solar PCU

UTL solar’s Off Grid Alfa+ PCU model is an integrated unit consisting of a grid charger, inverter, and MPPT solar charger. UTL solar inverter continuously monitors battery and solar voltage as well as grid and output voltage with their currents.

MPPT based solar charge controllers extract the maximum power from the solar panels whereby it increases the efficiency of the system. MPPT charger has multistage charging which maintains the battery charging voltage such that it increases the lifespan of the battery.

Features of UTL Alfa+ Solar PCU

Alfa+ solar PCU comes with many great features:

  • Suitable for all types of solar batteries.
  • LCD display with energy meter.
  • Comes with data logging facilities.
  • Output Waveform = Pure Sine Wave.
  • Enable/Disable feature for grid charging.

On Grid Solar Inverters

The UTL string (grid-tied) solar panel system is simply a solar power system that is connected to the electrical grid and uses electricity from both the solar panel system and the electrical grid. Similarly, if excess energy is generated by the solar panels of a house, the excess energy will be fed for use elsewhere in the grid. This will help reduce our electricity bills and reduce environmental carbon emissions. String On grid solar inverter is available from 1kW to 60kW.

Features Of UTL Grid Tie Inverters
  • Transformer-less inverter for better compatibility.
  • Low harmonic current distortion (THDi<3%).
  • IP65 certified solar product by UTL.
  • Comes with Onboard SPDs for DC & AC sides.
  • Supportable for Wi-Fi and monitoring applications.
  • Manufactured with multiple protection levels.
  • 5 years standard warranty for better reliability.

Hybrid Solar Inverters

UTL Sigma+ hybrid solar PCUs are one of the top solar inverters in the hybrid category. It is basically a single-phase solar power conditioning unit. It has a Bi-directional feature in it. It means that Sigma+ PCU is able to import as well as export the power from the utility grid. Sigma+ PCU has two operating conditions.

  1. Stand-alone
  2. Grid-Interactive

Stand-alone: In stand-alone mode, it drives power from solar battery and solar panel to run the appliances. In this mode, the solar inverter will also charge the solar battery by using solar power. In case solar power is not sufficient then it uses the grid power as a secondary source.

Grid-Interactive: In grid-interactive mode, the Sigma+ PCU will deal with both the solar power and utility power simultaneously. In case, generated solar power is more than your consumption than it will send it into the grid. And if your consumption exceeds the generation capacity then it will drive electricity from the utility grid.

Features of UTL Solar Sigma+ PCU

UTL solar’s Sigma+ PCU also comes with great specifications. These features are as mentioned below.

  • DSP based unique pure sine wave design.
  • Inbuilt in rMPPT charge controller (30% more efficient).
  • Comes with stand-alone & grid-interactive modes.
  • IEC 61683, 61727, 60529, 60068-2 (1,2,14,30) & 62116 certified.
  • Robust design with 20 years long estimated life.
  • USB based communication with inbuilt AC & DC energy meter.
  • GSM/GPRS based remote monitoring & controlling (Optional).
  • LCD display with all AC and DC parameters.
  • Comes with a reverse AC voltage protection feature.
  • Priority-based working modes – Smart/PCU/Hybrid.
  • Robust design with 20 years of product life & 2-5 years warranty.
  • Maximum preference to solar power.
  • User friendly & easily accessible.