UTL Solar Battery

//UTL Solar Battery

About UTL Solar Battery

UTL solar is one of the leading brands in power back-up and power generation in India. Very few companies including UTL solar, are developing top-rated solar batteries along with other solar products such as solar panel, solar inverters, etc. to create a “solar-plus-storage” system. UTL designs its every single battery to provide maximum possible backup to its consumers.

UTL battery has HDPE material caps, pure spine and grid alloy, non-leaking vent plug, and high pressure die casting. All these features not only make the battery extra-long lasting but they also improve the working criteria of the battery.

As the company values long term relationships, its stakeholders and even customers have a very long association with the company. UTL solar products are not only popular and reliable but they are affordable too with real warranty packs.

UTL Solar Battery Features

There are awesome features in UTL solar batteries that everyone wants to know before buying and installing it. So here are some of its great features.

  • Unique tubular gauntlet /Nat positive plates design.
  • Superior active material & special grid alloy.
  • Float vent plug for electrolyte level indicator.
  • Covered with HDPE material caps.        
  • C10 rated solar battery for better performance.
  • Extremely high life cycle 1500 @ 80% DOD.
  • Comes with non-leaking vent plugs.        
  • High-pressure die casting for a unique experience.        
  • Very low self-discharge rate i.e. 2mV/per day.